Sunset strolls are always healthy at dusk. Playa Hermosa offers a very tranquil, laid back beach, where the sand in between your toes is soft and soothing as well as very mellow surf, hence non-intrusive into your inner thoughts.

When waters are calm, temperature is perfect and lighting really helps frame the situation you find mental peace.  Where is it we want to live,  invest or spend the rest of our lives?


When it is not yet dusk but not daylight either, a tiny new moon dots the Papagayo skies and reminds us of light!  The color palate in nature is as wide and varied as the options we have in life.  They change every day with the different lighting, seasons, times and weather….  So likewise we have the prerogative to do so in our own lives too: investments, acquisitions, opportunities and changes.

Walking through life is how we learn, evolve and mature, walking down the beach is how we rethink all these to be able to go on and make those decisions.  Breathe in the purity of cleansing salty air.  In an era of respiratory difficulties or viruses, come smell and inhale wellness and health. Exhale the unnecessary. 

A stroll through your senses: colors, temperature sensations, ocean whispers,  and smells will only make you taste the diversity of possibilities that lay ahead if we only stroll down the beach and look up at the sky.