Skepticism is my default setting, especially when it comes to baked goods with a high possibility for disappointment. The more qualifiers or claims involved (whole-grain, clean, vegan, anything-free), the more skeptical I become. Plainly, the more I want to eat the thing, the more time I spend on it, the less I care how redeeming it is—the more IT BETTER BE GOOD. This message is for those readers still with me (all others have probably already started baking!): IT’S REAL! THESE COOKIES ARE BROWNIES AND CHOC CHIP COOKIES TOGETHER and they’re vegan. Set your skepticism aside, and start baking, cause they’re DANG GOOD.

For cookies, this is a fast recipe, especially if you use a scale. Even though it seems like you have to make 2 separate doughs, bleh so hard!, they repeat the same ingredients, and if you proceed in the recipe’s order, you can reuse the same bowl/beaters without so much as a rinse. And, instead of first rolling balls of 1 dough type, then the other to put together, I kinda cheated. I dropped one dough type from a spoon into 25 blobs, then moved to the other dough, adding to the blobs, then used my hands to roll them into rustic yin-yangs (which really look almost exactly like the photo, with flair!). I sprinkled with a pinch of salt before baking, since there’s none in the batter and I really wanted it to stick.

Cookies were puffed initially, then fell to flat in the 5 minute rest on the baking sheets. Out of the oven (12 minutes till edges looked crisped), the cookies were slightly crisp, delicate, yet a little oily—good, but wait! Cooled, then stored airtight on the counter, the next day, these become Chips-Ahoy chewy-soft, totally addictive—definitely not health food (WORTH IT!).

Honestly, they were not at their best freshly baked. They were good, but not soft; more on the crisp-yet-delicate side. The next day, stored in a resealable plastic bag at room temp, they became chewy-soft, still slightly delicate, reminiscent (in the best way) of that addictive packaged-cookie texture from lunchboxes everywhere.