All State Homes “Back Yard Bungalow” fills the need for Tampa area Families who want new construction, designed with the historic Tampa Bungalow feel.tampa bungalow homes

After nearly 60 years of building homes in the Greater Tampa Bay area, one would expect All State homes to be on top of the latest housing trends. In fact, one of the reasons All State has survived & flourished year after year is due to the fact that keeping up with trends and a changing need in the market place is something that we pride ourselves on.  

We developed a new concept, we rethought Tampa’s housing needs for changing families going into the future, and the result is a backyard bungalow; more commonly referred to as a cottage, mother-in-law suite or guest house depending on “who” has the need for it. We developed this “cottage” concept as a bungalow because more than a third of our business tends to be for the bungalow style home. 

This new product allows families to “come together” yet still keep their independent living options. It should be pointed out that every county and municipality has recognized the need for extended family situations by permitting homeowners to build an auxiliary structure in their

back yards (or side yard depending on space & zoning) to accommodate families in need. Although there are certain restrictions, (all based on the specific lot/property you choose to build on) meeting those code requirements and accommodating each particular zoning regulation.

Our homes, whether they are cottage size or full size, are concrete block, energy-efficient designs. 

About our pricing, the general rule is all of our floor plans are priced individually based on the plan, so that we can take into account architectural details, size, features, and of course regulations based on the specific lot. 

All State homes is one of the only on your lot builders in Tampa to offer FHA financing or Construction Perm Loans for those who qualify. Additionally, if the customer owns their land or (has a sufficient amount of equity in it) they can finance with zero down payment. In fact, many of our customers who own their land outright, don’t spend a penny out-of-pocket to build.

Whether it is adding one of our new “backyard bungalows” or building a new full size home, All State Homes has built more than 15,000 homes on owners lots in the Tampa Bay area for over 60 years

The Azeele Model starts at $88,500.00 on your lot!    Contact me here for more information on new construction homes in Tampa Bay!