When you want something like bar food at home, there’s not a better choice than some mahogany chicken wings. This recipe resulted in close to being some of the best chicken wings I have ever eaten in my life, and quite reminiscent of those one would get on a Pu-Pu platter. All the flavors are amazing. They meld together nicely with that hint of sweetness yet plenty of garlic coming through in each bite.

I marinated my chicken wings overnight, placing them in a plastic bag that I could vacuum seal (use a food saver or similar device), which really helps the marinade get into the wings (about 18 hours overall). I made sure to prep my baking sheet with foil and a bit of cooking spray, as I knew these would be quite sticky, and I didn’t want to deal with that much clean up! And they were, lots of caramelization on the bottom of the pan! I baked the wings, turning and basting every 8-9 minutes, for 45 minutes, a few minutes longer than the recipe called for, in order to achieve that crispy skin.

These wings don’t need any dipping sauce, and they are perfect out of the oven. Paired well with a local lager.