Seasonally delicious and colorfully appealing—everything from the French lentils to the orange of the squash to the dots of chard to the finish with olive oil works beautifully. This is a lentil soup you could proudly serve to company.

This would also work all the way from early to mid fall when the squash begin to appear at the farmers markets and all the way through the cold of winter, at least January and February and quite possibly into March. I did not plan ahead and cooked the beans unsoaked, and did not have filtered water available, so tap water it was.

I used the kombu, always a fine addition when cooking beans, both for the added nutrients and for its helpful anti-flatulence properties when added to a bean pot. My beans were cooked in 20 minutes despite not having soaked them.

I wilted the chard for 2 minutes, which left it a little underdone, just how I like it, and, by the time I stirred in the remaining ingredients, it had wilted further, perhaps more to my diners’ desires. I salted (not too much) and peppered (quite a lot), and then shared the soup. It’s a hearty soup, even with the slight bit of lightening from the vegetables, and a moderate sized serving suffices even for hearty appetites.

As for reheating, yes! This is a keeper for sure, and can be reheated with excellent results. If it becomes too thick, simply add some more water, stir, and enjoy! Note that I cut my chard smaller than in the photo, so my chard was more dot-like and less prominent than in the accompanying photo.