Most of us strive to reach some sort of personal success in life, be it in love, overall happiness or our career paths and hobbies. Unfortunately most of us struggle to reach these giddy heights in even one of these routes.

We all have these big dreams and we all work tirelessly to achieve them…but in most cases…they just don’t pan out the way we want them to!

I’m no different – I remember having BIG dreams in my early twenties, then being near enough drained of all positivity by the time I was thirty. I needed a change in direction…I needed to look at life through a new filter.

Despite working hard and putting in all the effort I possibly could, I simply wasn’t finding the types of people, opportunities, and life experiences that I had once dreamt of.

So where next?

People are more engaged in the conversion if you are talking about them. And the chances are extremely high that the most positive emotions human beings will experience, when reading something about themselves on the Internet, for example.

That explains why different horoscopes are so popular. Different programs that can interpret your date of birth, your name, nearly everything really. And we love reading such things because they feel personal. As if they are made only for us.

If you’re like me, you get a kick out of going through those short quizzes to find things out like what Harry Potter character you’d be or Greek god / goddess, what evil movie character you are, what super hero costume fits the best, or even for the more adventurous what your stripper name would be.
So when my friend shared <link>this one</link> I couldn’t resist and WOW it’s the coolest one yet – probably because it was uncanny what it revealed about me.
Go ahead, see what your  >>>

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