This is OMG fabuloso!!! I have tried to duplicate Japanese restaurant dressing for years. Bottled versions always lack punch, and my homemade version was never smooth or as distinctive. It never occurred to me to chop and cook the ingredients, and then blend. I was told to back away and put down my spoon (even though this recipe makes nearly 2 cups).

I may have generously interpreted the 2-inch piece of ginger, and recommend others do the same. For half an hour of effort, you have a week’s work of dressing to use on everything from your homemade bento box, drizzled on rice, on any crisp and crunchy salad. My favourite use so far was hearts of little gem and butter lettuce that generously were paired with thick decorative slices of cucumber, carrot and radish. Even if it seems a bit bright with ginger on a spoon, when you apply it to greens it seems mellower. The resulting colour is vibrant – although I immediately eyed some of my purple carrots thinking how much more fun this could be for holidays (not to mention more antioxidants). You’re welcome.

I had a small problem with one ingredient – we have pretty much purged agave from our pantry and use maple syrup. I didn’t realize it really was all gone til I started to assemble the recipe, having already prepared the carrots and ginger. What I thought was possibly agave was not…

I’d like to suggest that it would be equally good on any of these:

  • crisp immaculate iceberg lettuce wedges
  • crisp interior (hearts) of romaine or little gem, sliced lengthwise like wedges
  • 1/4″ thick slices of cucumber, carrot, radish, celery (score the carrot and cucumber edges with a fork before cutting slices to break up skin a bit and to make the slices pretty.
  • a bowl of steamed rice (short or medium grain especially
  • crisp mung bean sprouts
  • drizzled on fusion tacos with cauliflower or ginger-chicken
  • drizzled over a block of tofu and garnished with scallions

Now excuse me while I go swig some more…